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1. Forage yield from cassava grown as a perennial crop fertilised with effluent frombiodigestersloaded with pig or cow manure and the effect on soil fertility.

2. Effect of different ratios of water spinach and fresh cassava leaves on growth of pigs fed basal diets of broken rice or mixture of rice bran and cassava root meal

3. Effect of offering leaves or stems of water spinach on patterns of eating, consumption of caecotrophes and excretion of faeces by growing rabbits

4. Demonstration on using local feed resources for growing pigs in On Farm Trial in Cambodia.

5. Effect of water spinach and duckweed on fish growth performance in poly-culture ponds

6. Growth performance and parasite infestation of goats given cassava leaf silage (or sun-dried cassava leaves) as supplement to grazing in lowland and upland regions of Cambodia

7. Ensiled cassava leaves and fresh water spinach as protein sources for fattening pigs on farms, Cambodia

8. Effect of level of effluent from plastic biodigesters loaded with pig manure on the growth of mulberry (Morus alba) trees

9. Digestibility and digestive organ development in indigenous and improved chickens and ducks fed diets with increasing inclusion levels of cassava leaf meal.


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