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Management Structure

CelAgrid has three levels of management and operation:

    √   Board of Director: The Board of Director calls for meeting or when the Director of
         CelAgrid requests Board members for consultation of important issues.
    √   Management team: CelAgrid team organizes monthly meeting to discuss the
         management      and operation of the projects and other in-house activities. and
    √   Staff: All staff meeting is organized in every three months of which progress of
         the projects      implementation is presented and general issues are raised and
         discussed while regular      monthly meetings are organized by respective
         components of CelAgrid.

The management team is composed of the Director and senior staff in charge of each component at CelAgrid. The senior staff responsible for each component has the responsibility of day to day management and operation of the project and the meeting with staff under their responsibility can be organized on ad hoc basis if required. CelAgrid has 4 main units; Community Development and Renewable Energy, Training, Research and Eco-Farm. In addition, project officers in each of the branch offices are responsible to manage day to day activities in the field.





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