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History of Agriculture

The Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid) was established in 2003 after ending the contract with the Royal University of Agriculture in 2002. Although institutional name was changed from UTA-Cambodia to CelAgrid, the organization continue to use UTA-Cambodia as it was registered on 5th December 2002 at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for the period from 2002-2005. The Management Team of CelAgrid decided to register as local NGO and on January 24th, 2006 the organization was registered as CelAgrid at the Ministry of Interior. The experience and capacity of CelAgrid today has been built upon from the establishment of the University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation in Cambodia in 1997 At the beginning of the reallocation of CelAgrid, it was really hard due to lack of resources including funding. A meeting was organized with staff working for UTA-Cambodia to seek for their thoughts about the continuation of our existent. Most of staff decided to work without salary support to re-establish the organization and some had left because they needed to earn income for their families. After having the positive reaction from the group, Dr. Khieu Borin, the present Director of CelAgrid who was voluntarily acted as Coordinator for UTA-Cambodia from 1997-2002 took the initiative to discuss with Dr. Sen Sovann who was at that time the Volunteer Representative of Heifer International in Cambodia and Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Health and Production. Both of us agreed with the re-establishment of the organization because we truly convinced that this creation would help creating capable human capitals such as development workers, young professionals and students from Universities in Cambodia to wider spread assistance to the rural communities. The property of UTA-Cambodia shared between UTA-Cambodia and RUA in 2002 allowed us to build a small dormitory for staff who decided to stay with the organization. While trying to move forward for the re-establishment, we were trying to get in touch with donors and projects for inputs to CelAgrid. With that effort, the two small rural development projects were approved by Heifer International and NZAID for Takeo and Kandal in 2004 and three research projects were also approved by the Cambodian Agricultural Research Fund (CARF). The existent of CelAgrid and the team today must be given to the commitment of Dr. Thomas Reg Preston, a well known scientist who most of us call him as great grand father. His contribution has significantly been on building up a livestock-agricultural team scientifically capable not limit to the production of information and making them available to those who need, CelAgrid team also implements community development projects in Takeo, Kandal and Pursat.



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