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Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world with about 36 percent of the people living under poverty line (2006). The poverty incidence has been rooted since the civil war in 1970. Among more than 2 millions killed during Khmer Rouge regime, were intellectuals and professionals leading to the present shortfall of human capital in addition to the great damage of social, cultural and political systems of the country. However, Cambodia has great potential for agricultural development due to 69% of the total population lives with agriculture and availability of land for agricultural development. There must be ways to mobilize effort and resources to help them producing enough food and income for their families and having adequate resources to send their children to school with the hope that their children will be able to improve their livelihood and contribute the development agenda of the country in the future. The government’s poverty alleviation strategy on the one hand involves agricultural growth and empowerment of the poor, and on the other, free market principles to increase private sector involvement and encourage investment (CARD 2001). CelAgrid is a group of young professional and scientists formed as a team from 1997 with great ambition to help farmer communities to improve their livelihood through innovative agricultural production. In the last few years we could not imagine as we are today due to very little means and resources to form an organization with tremendous goal and mission. Today end of 2006, CelAgrid has been strengthened in organization and management and a new page of 2007-2010 is open new possibility to provide more services and assistance to poor communities in Cambodia.




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