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The Eco-Farm was established in 2002 with about 1 ha of land and then slowly expanded to about 4 ha at present. The Eco-Farm at present is equipped with demonstration, research and training facilities. It is located in Prah Theat village, Rolous commune, Kandal Stung district, Kandal province.

Previously the land was used mainly for rice production and soil was very poor fertility however it has been dramatically improved after fertilizing of manure from cattle, goats and pigs. The total area of Eco-Farm is covered 30% by the constructions such as office, seminar room, laboratory, dormitory, student and worker houses, animal pens and workshop for gasification and about 5% is covered by biodigesters and fish ponds, and 65% covers by crops such as cassava, mulberry, leucaena, water spinach, taro, sweet potato, moringa and vegetable.

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